Rules and advices

The following are forbidden inside the reserve:

  • Lighting fires
  • Parking outside authorised car parks
  • The use of motor vehicles, except where authorised
  • AThrowing away or burying any waste or rubbish of any kind
  • Altering, adapting and/or taking away anything in the natural environment
  • The use of tents, caravans or trailers
  • Hunting, except for the species and dates allocated by the Reserve Management
  • Fishing
  • Entering areas restricted to the public or away from marked paths, during the dates indicated
  • Writing and/or drawing on stones, trees or other items
  • Engaging in any overhead sport or pursuit
  • Affecting the calm and tranquillity of the Reserve
  • Engaging in survival activities
  • Washing utensils or clothing in the river
  • Mountain-biking


  • Plan your outings
  • If you want to observe fauna, do so with care and patience.
  • A photo is a better souvenir of the Reserve than any object.
  • If you need any further information, go to the reception desk at Lalastra or ask a warden.