The Valdegovía Valley offers everyone the chance to enjoy this privileged environment, so rich in historical, artistic and natural heritage. The rustic attributes of its villages, its long-established culture of agriculture and livestock, its wealth of woodland and fauna, the straightforward character and customs of its people, all these form an ideal framework in which to discover nature in its purest state.

Natural heritage

Valdegovía is a lovely, unknown part of Alava where a series of geographical circumstances have created a special landscape, and which can boast various spots of great interest such as Valderejo Nature Reserve, Angosto Monastery at Villanañe and San Martín de Valparaíso at Villanueva.

Rambling along the tracks and paths that interconnect the different villages and losing oneself in the pine, beech and oak woods is an ideal way of getting close to an unspoilt natural environment that is increasingly scarce in the modern world.

There are several trails and paths for walkers, but these landscapes can also be explored in other ways, such as mountain-biking, pony-trekking, mycology (mushrooms) and so on.

Those who are looking for more thrills in their contact with nature can take advantage of the steep sierras in the Valley for rock climbing, abseiling or aerial pursuits such as paragliding or hang-gliding.

Fish are plentiful in the rivers. There are also stretches made suitable for canoeing, and bathing areas in Angosto, Espejo and Villanueva for cooling down in summerl.