Varona Tower - House

The imposing Tower-House of the Varona family is a spectacular example of XIV century military architecture, said to be the best preserved in Alava. It rises up from a plain that enables it to dominate the surrounding land.

Tuesta Church

Tuesta is one of the places most often cited, not only within the province, as possessing a fine parish church based on pre-Gothic concepts.

Salinas de Añana - Salt Valley

This section contains information on Salinas de Añana, a village whose council, like that of Valdegovía, belongs to the group of councils known as the Cuadrilla de Añana..

Monasterio de Angosto

The religious complex at Angosto consists of a series of modern buildings that accompany the parish church.


This village forms part of an enclave of the province of Burgos that juts into Alava and the Valdegovía Valley.

Hermit Caves

There is evidence to show that during the first centuries of the Middle Ages, around the IV, a strong current of asceticism existed in the Iberian Peninsula.

Iglesia de Tobillas

This small town stands out for the significance of its church, San Román de Tobillas. This church has come to be positioned ahead of Valdegovía's monuments of greatest interest through the significant restoration work...

Natural Monument of Monte Santiago

With a 300 metre drop, the Nervión waterfall is a natural sight which is worth visiting, above all in winter and spring.