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Routes for Trekking

De Villanueva a El Raso (4300 metros)


up the height of El Raso allows a good insight into the natural surroundings
of Valderejo. From its 1047 metres the whole Sierra de Arcena and south face
of the Peña Carria crags can be appreciated, as well as the villages
of Osma and Astulez with the mountainous region further to the north.

This route passes through an area that is attractive but not widely visited.
Although it is not long, it is of great interest for nature-lovers. The views
from the summit include Valderejo Nature Reserve and other landscapes.

How to get there

The square at Villanueva de Valdegovía is a good place to park. Start out towards the road next to the Town Hall. From there, take the track that comes into the village and follow it, leaving the village behind and arriving at a signpost giving the estimated time needed to reach San Martín de Valparaíso and the summit of El Raso.

The Start of the Route

From the sign, carry on along the path without straying as far as a junction1 . Follow the path leaving the fence on the right .

San Martín de Valparaíso

Continue as far as point 2 , which corresponds to San Martín de Valparaíso. This spot is particularly beautiful for its rocky walls used for abseiling. There is also a necropolis on a small mound to the left that can be reached quite easily.


While there is no hazard involved in climbing up to El Raso, there is a steep slope to master. This can be relieved to some degree by the spring about 200 m before the summit, known as the "Fuente de Zambrana", or “Zambrana Spring".

Zambrana Spring

Getting to the spring F , eans leaving the path for a short time. Access is easy but finding the spring is not, so look carefully.

El Raso Summit

Now refreshed and ready to go, carry straight on along the path as far as the marker indicating the summit of El Raso 3 , The best views of the Sierra de Arcena and Valderejo are to be had by climbing over a small fence using the rustic ladder provided, and heading to a white post 4 about 50 metres away which serves as a survey point.

Booster Station and Descent

Retrace your steps to the summit marker 3 , band drop down to pick up the path used for the ascent. Here you can take a path to the left and walk on to the booster station 5 , to look down on Osma and Astulez, although there is less to see than before owing to the plentiful vegetation obstructing the view. If you do not want to go right up to the Booster Station, go down the path to a small open area known as "Los Corrales", which reveals a similar type of landscape beauty as San Martín de Valparaíso, although being narrower the views are not the same. Here, too, there is drinkable water from the spout of a pipe leading to a drinking-trough.

The way down also has a steep slope.

A short distance further down is the fence that the path went to the left of on the way up. Skirt round the fence and pick the track up again at point 1 . Then follow on down to the village along a flat path.

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