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Arrayuelas ( 1128 metros)


Mount Arrayuelas is a fine way of getting to know the mountainous environment of Valderejo Nature Reserve and its peripheral ridge, from a zone of Alava with the village of Bóveda in the middle.

This route is long but interesting from a nature point of view. It coincides with one of the five Short Waymarked Paths (PR) in this beautiful yet unknown corner of Valdegovía. Details of the plant life in the area are given on information panels placed along the route for a better understanding of the vegetation you are passing through.

How to get there

At Villanueva de Valdegovía, take the road signposted for Valderejo Nature Reserve, but when you reach San Millán de San Zadornil, keep straight on to Bóveda instead of turning left to the Reserve.

Bóveda is the starting point, and cars can be left at the far end of the village after crossing Calle Real, or 500 metres further on at the roadside.

Finding the Route

Go past the roadside stone indicating 9 km to San Pantaleón and 54 km to Vitoria-Gasteiz, and follow the stone boundary marking wall to its end. Head off left from the road 1 over the small bridge known as La Valleja that crosses the Funfunilla stream.

Waymarked Short Path

Look out for the sign showing PR - A 3 "Bóveda-Arrayuelas" together with a distance of 15 km and journey time of three and a half hours. We have allowed one hour extra for rest stops.

The path starts here. Shortly after is a metal barrier followed by a drinking-trough 2, known under the name of Los Pozos. Soon after, in a bleak open area, there
is a fork in the path. Bear left, as shown by the arrow. At the next fork 3, turn right in the direction of the arrow and the sign "Arrayuela".

When returning from the summit, the way down to Bóveda is along the
left-hand path, but if you do not want to go right to the top, you can continue
the route from point 6 and drop down to Bóveda from here.

Steep Slope

The going is toughest from now on, up a steep slope that enters a small beech
wood. Gaining height allows sight of Bóveda down below as the path reaches 4, the narrow pass of Portillo La Sierra, which links the Bóveda
side with Valderejo Nature Reserve on the other side of the summit. Here there
are various direction arrows, and the village of Lalastra in the Reserve is
visible. To reach the actual peak of Arrayuelas, carry on to the left of the
pass towards an electrical pylon. The route then passes a booster station and
finally reaches the survey point 5.

The panorama takes in a large part of the province of Alava and endless mountains
that spread out before us. The most striking is where Arrayuelas joins up with
the cliffs of Peña Caria, a dangerous spot fit only for expert climbers.
The Sierra de Arcena and the mountains of Valderejo form part of the splendid

Walk down to the fork described in point 3. Then bear right and head in the direction of Bóveda 6 following the arrow. The path flattens off and comes to Laido spring, which rises from a hollow in the land. After reaching the power lines going down from Portillo La Sierra, the path turns right round on itself and goes off sharply to the left 7 entering a wood until it reaches the flat land where it crosses the river Cotillo.

Cross the metal barrier and shortly after take the track that runs into Bóveda, then follow the road as far as your car.