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Villanueva - San Martín de Valparaíso - Villanueva - Nograro

Villanueva, the administrative centre of the district of Valdegovía, is well worth a pleasant stroll to admire the Mansion House of the Angulo family, its emblazoned houses and the Romanesque art of its parish church, dedicated to San Julián and Santa Basilisa. Towards the north of the village is a track leading to San Martín de Valparaíso necropolis, where one can see several anthropomorphic tombs dug out of the rock, of a type associated with Visigothic funeral rites.

From Villanueva, head towards Nograro, 3.5 km away. This is the seat of the noble family of Salazar, and it is the ruins of their tower that are the attraction here. Now covered in ivy, the tower was built in the XIV and XV centuries in the shelter of the natural rock walls of Sierra Arcena and Peña Caria. From the time of the Reconquest, the Salazar Tower guarded the passageway that leads to Burgos via Quejo and Valderejo, a route which avoids the dangerous course followed by the higher reaches of the river Ebro. A gentle two-kilometre walk from Nograro leads to Santa María de Mellera hermitage along the path followed by the old romeros, or pilgrims, on San Isidro’s Day.