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Valpuesta - Mioma - Risca

This itinerary starts out from Valpuesta. In the year 804, at the beginning of the Reconquest, bishop Juan arrived here and found an abandoned church in this enclave of the province of Burgos. He settled here with his retinue and founded the first episcopal seat in Castile and the Basque Country. Over the course of time, his jurisdiction spread into parts of the Rioja and Cantabria. A recent linguistic study of his writings and charters has concluded that the first texts in Castilian Spanish were produced here earlier than in the monastery of San Millán de la Cogolla, until now regarded as the cradle of this language. The village of Valpuesta possesses a half-demolished IX century ex-collegiate church with an imposing Gothic cloister.

From Valpuesta, take the local road to the small village of Mioma 3 km away. From here a gentle 2 km climb leads up to the Peña Risca crag (1,007 m) which looks out over the neighbouring valley of Losa.