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Salinas de Añana - Tuesta - Espejo - Villamaderne - Bellojín

Alfonso VII granted the title of Villa, or Town, to Salinas de Añana in the year 1140, making it the oldest in Alava. Its steep narrow streets are lined with majestic buildings that recall all the history of a rich, salt-filled past. The long-decaying salt beds form a unique landscape, and the visitor can also take in San Juan de Acre monastery and the more distant Arreo Lake, declared a protected biotope for the importance of its aquatic fauna.

The second stop on the visit is at the nearby village of Tuesta to appreciate the church of Nuestra Señora de La Asunción, particularly the doorway which is one of the finest examples in the region of Romanesque artwork.

Three kilometres further is the small town of Espejo, where it is a good idea to park next to the frontón, or pelota court, and walk along the track to Villamaderne.

Be sure to see the Romanesque tower of San Millán church with its belfry consisting of three superposed bell housings.

Now carry on to Bellojín to climb mount Olvedo (930 m) and command a view of the distant peak of San Lorenzo, close to Ezcaray in the Rioja.