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Quejo - San Zadornil - Villafría

From Gurendes the local road leads to Quejo, a small hamlet with an interesting, cottage craft bee-keeping enterprise. After the visit, return to the local road and follow the tarmac road, accompanied by splendid views, as far as San Zadornil where the medieval centre and Romanesque church distinguished by its Mudejar influence are worth seeing.

From here, the winding local road to Villafría has the Sierra Arcena to the left. The Albar pines, evergreen holm oaks, beeches, chestnuts and other smaller trees and shrubs make for leafy woodland much appreciated by mycologists for its wealth and variety of mushrooms.

Eight kilometres later, at Villafría, the road forks into two. The right fork leads down to the abandoned village of Ribera, while the left passes round Santa Ana Peak and takes us down to the river Purón gorge. Both routes are fine new ways of entering Valderejo Nature Reserve.