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Corro - Tobillas - Peña Karria

The first place on this route is Corro, where there are man-made caves of Moorish origin and a necropolis dating back to early medieval times, both dug out of the rock. There are a further two of these man-made caves at the neighbouring village of Pinedo which are known under the name Santiago. From Corro, try the walk to Tobillas two kilometres away, keeping to the right of the imposing limestone faces of Peña Caria, ideal for rock-climbing and hang-gliding.

Tobillas is home to San Román church, whose origins dating back to the early IX century make it the oldest in the Basque Country. Although a little involved technically over the final stretch, it is well worth going up Peña Caria (1,130 m) for the climb itself but also for the views that greet you from the top.