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Routes of interest

Bóveda - La Granja - Bóveda - Lalastra

There are two or three options from Bóveda, the gateway out of the valley and also one of the most populated villages, along with Espejo and Villanueva. Heading north in the direction of Quintanilla leads up to a large, high plateau known as La Granja four kilometres away, where animals graze amid a large number of fossil remains.

The other option is to travel four kilometres from Bóveda in the opposite direction towards Lalastra via a scenic route that ends at the rural interpretation centre for Valderejo Nature Reserve. Here information on other routes is available, such as those to the river Purón gorge or the Gothic paintings of the church at the abandoned village of Ribera.

Once back in Bóveda, there is also the possibility of following the road out of the village towards the village of La Horca, giving access to the neighbouring valley of Losa in the direction of San Pantaleón and Medina de Pomar.