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Angosto - Caranca - Astúlez - Osma - Fresneda - Cárcamo - Guinea

Not far from Caránca, dominated by an old X century castle perched on a nearby crag, stands the village of Astulez. The route then leads on to Osma, in the foothills of the Sierra de Arkamo. Now 6 km further to Fresneda, which keeps its strong bowling tradition, then Cárcamo with the oldest clock in the province, and Guinea. From here it is uphill to the Sierra de Arkamo, which offers fine views of the Cuartango valley.

In the vicinity of Angosto Sanctuary, adjoining the recreation areas, stands a century-old holm oak classified as an “outstanding tree” by the Basque Government. Up until the end of the nineteenth century, the nobility of Valdegovía would meet here under its broad umbrella of shade. From Angosto, head towards Caranca (3 km) to visit the Lastra Castros or Iron Age Settlements, where over a distance of almost a kilometre archaeological remains have been found in evidence of human settlement from the Iron Age.

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