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Rutas Escalada

Pitxe Route


This is a 130 metre climb, A1, 6b (V+ oblig.) on compact, very well-secured rock. It has been re-equipped with parabolts, but keeps the old equipment, making it a very safe route. The third and fourth pitches can be done in one as they are very short, but long quickdraws will be needed at the start and finish of the traverse. If cams or friends are carried they can be used, but are not necessary


From Orduña mountain pass (Vizcaya) head to Arroyo de San Zadornil, close to the well-known village of Valderejo. The wall is clearly visible from the village and is reached simply by crossing the wood. There is no obvious path, but the walk from the village takes about 20 minutes


Once at the top, shift to the left. It is a good idea to lean over the other side a little to enjoy the sensation of height. The ridge overhangs and a short abseil may be needed

Just past the summit there are projections fitted with vía ferrata or ‘iron way’, with chains and iron studs for footholds.