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Valdegovía is a lovely, unknown part of Alava where a series of geographical circumstances have created a special landscape, and which can boast various spots of great interest such as Valderejo Nature Reserve, Angosto Monastery at Villanañe and San Martín de Valparaíso at Villanueva.

Rambling along the tracks and paths that interconnect the different villages and losing oneself in the pine, beech and oak woods is an ideal way of getting close to an unspoilt natural environment that is increasingly scarce in this day and age.

EThere are several trails and paths for walkers, but these landscapes can also be explored in other ways, such as mountain-biking, pony-trekking, mycology (mushrooms) and so on..


The following pages gather together possible ideas for routes. Some routes are exclusively mountain and country paths, while others combine visits to places of natural interest with more general tourist attractions.

None of the routes have to be followed to the letter. They merely give ideas about where to go and how to get there.

In some cases, more practical information is given that only becomes clear when on the spot.

If you would like to see a map of Valdegovía with photos for downloading, select the download button below. VIEW MAP