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Located in the high depths of the Valderejo Valley, at the foot of the bleak limestone cornice of Sierra Arcena, Ribera stands at an average height above sea level of 776 metres.

The village is reached by a road leaving San Zadornil in the direction of Villafria, from which an unsurfaced track leads on down, through pleasant green pastures dotted with feeding cows, to the uninhabited village of Ribera.

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•Nº of inhabitants

The village is no longer inhabited .

Architectural heritage

•Parish church

The parish church dedicated to San Esteban, or Saint Stephen, stands perched on a rugged rock, at whose foot the river Purón flows. The nave is built with a pointed vault and straight head wall with proto-Gothic window, while the Romanesque belfry stands at its foot. The doorway, corbels and capitals all point to their Romanesque origins.

At the head of the church are wall paintings in Gothic style revealing various religious motifs