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Quintanilla stands on a gentle slope that drops down towards a gully through which a small stream runs. It has extensive views, and enjoys a mean height above sea level of 737 metres.

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•Parish church

The church appears to adopt a haughty posture by virtue of its slender tower built up from the foot of the church. Dedicated to San Julian and Santa Basilisa, it is rectangular in form and has a single nave. The tower is similarly rectangular and was erected in 1801, its upper housing a traditional belfry indicating a date of 1985 .


QuintanillaTo the north of the parish church, at a higher level, stands the hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Olmo which is so called because of an image atop of an elm tree. Rectangular in shape, it was built or possibly restored in 1779. The doorway takes the form of a Roman archway showing good arch stoning. The head wall is crowned by a modest belfry with a single space housing a single bell .


The Tower-House at Quintanilla is square in shape.



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