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Standing on hilly ground, Pinedo is sheltered by the mass of woodland that crowns the heights behind it. At a mean height above sea level of 720 metres, it occupies a high spot on the narrow fringe of land leading on to Basabe.

Calendar of Fiestas

Architectural heritage

•Parish church

Dedicated to San Juan Bautista, Saint John the Baptist, this church is rectangular and has a tower used to enter the church through a Roman arch .

•Man-made caves

The man-made caves are situated on a lofty crag encompassed by countless pine trees allowing an obscure view of the cave entrances that are topped by the rough, vertical rocky outcrop of one of the surrounding hills .

•Vestiges of Tower-House

•Trio of basic services

- Fountain
- Wash-house
- Drinking-trough

Within a rectangular patch bordered on three sides by high masonry walls, the fountain is set into one stretch, with the open air rustic washing area flush at ground level and the washing stone at a lower level. The fountain appears to date back to 1861.

Social and Cultural facilities

Sports Facilities Services