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Osma is situated on open ground at the foot of the Sierra de Arcena, at its most north-westerly part. It is looked down on by the heights of Crucijadas (1,184 metres), while its land is moistened by the river Humecillo. The main road from Burgos to Bilbao, via Orduña, passes through the village which is at a mean height of 580 metres above sea level.

In this northern zone of Valdegovía, Osma is the last village in Alava before entering the Losa valley in the province of Burgos .

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Architectural heritage

•Parish church

The parish church, dedicated to Santa María, occupies a topmost position next to the country lane leading to the sanctuary at Angosto via Astulez and Caranca. The church has a single nave, with a simple porch composed of two Roman arches on its south side. The square tower terminates in a belfry topped off by a small iron spire housing a cowbell .

•Marina Hermitage

Santa Marina hermitage possesses a peculiar, austere façade with an entrance in the form of a lintel arch, which bears a recessed moulding displaying a floral motif on the keystone. Over the entrance is a curious circular hollow in ashlar. Inside the hermitage are strange wall paintings with various motifs covering the entire vault, as well as an inscription showing who ordered the building to be erected and when it was built .


The bridge crossing the river Humecillo, the banks wide apart here despite the short distance from its source, is built of masonry and has two directrix spans with slightly pointed arches and large span width. The cutwater between the spans is triangular in section .

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