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The hamlet of Nograro is sited on uneven ground surrounded by bold peaks forming part of the western fringe of the Sierra de Arcena. It lies at an average height above sea level of 664 metres.

Like the great majority of places in Valdegovía, Nograro has been inhabited from ancient times .

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Architectural heritage

•Santa María Parish Church

The parish church, dedicated to Santa María, is rectangular in shape and has its tower at its feet. The priest’s house adjoins the south side, with the porch beneath it .


The importance of Nograro from the point of view of provincial history lies in it having a tower-house, out of which came distinguished lineages such as the Calderon, Salazar and Salcedo families.

NograroLThe tower-house here is situated slightly apart from the rest of the village, with the tower forming part of a larger set of buildings. A barbican once surrounded the tower on its north, east and south sides. Only the north side keeps a certain dignity with one of the doorways leading inside.

Built during the late XIV and early XV centuries, the tower has retained its façades and keeps traces of its crenellations, look-out posts and other defensive installations. The walls contain loopholes and pointed and ogee openings for archers.

There are also remains of the walls that once protected the fortified enclosure and of an oratory dedicated to Santiago Saint James), probably dating back to the XVI century.


Remains of San Bartolomé Hermitage in the lower village next to the course of the stream existed up to the XIX century, perhaps corresponding to the early medieval monastery mentioned in various documents relating to Nograro .


The former village mill stands adjacent to one of the streams. It has been completely abandoned.


Now forgotten and invaded by the uncontrollable scrub, the fountain dates from 1858. It is typical of a type known as fountain-façade, in which the body of the fountain is enveloped by ashlar, the upper part being arched. It comprises an interior trough and a body above it housing the water spout, crowned by a cornice above which sits the circular sector with its engraved date .

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