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Mioma lies in very hilly country, with sharp hillocks rising up in fan-like form from its sides. These hillocks close off any panoramic views, but the narrow pass they create allows access to the village, which is at a mean height above sea level of 780 metres. The village is reached via one of the numerous side roads branching off from the main Valdegovía linking road.

This particular side road is just where the province of Alava becomes Burgos territory, namely the district of San Zadornil. Once past the village of Valpuesta, former episcopal seat, the road climbs tightly and finally ends in Mioma.

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Architectural heritage

•San Roman Parish Church

San Roman church is rectangular, though semi-circular at its far end. The height of the single nave is very low, in fact lower than a normal living room.

rustic porch faces south and shelters the church doorway, there being a slightly pointed arch with two projecting bases. At the foot of the church are two tower structures, the higher one containing the bells and the lower housing the church clock. Despite its low height, the bell tower shows signs of good workmanship .

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