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The village of Guinea lies at the limit where Lacozmonte meets Valdegovía territory, perfectly integrated within the cold and rugged landscape of the stony terrain it backs onto and reaching a mean height above sea level of 707 metres .

Guinea currently forms one of the group of villages that is dependent on Valdegovía municipality or district council. It combines with the village of Cárcamo, which faces on to the former royal way, for representation via the Cárcamo-Guinea Administrative Council.

Together with Fresneda, which is also controlled from Valdegovía Town Hall, these two villages and those of Barrón, Artaza and Escota (which come under Ribera Alta) form the administrative area of Lacozmonte, a district council with no little history within the administrative grouping known as the Tierras Esparsas Alavesas.

Calendar of Fiestas

Architectural heritage

•Parish church

•Vestiges of a convent of the Knight Templars

The strategic situation of Guinea between Lacozmonte and Valdegovía as described above gave rise, in the Middle Ages, to a Tower built to defend the passage between the two.

•Trio of basic services

- Fountain
- Wash-house
- Drinking-trough

These services are situated next to the road. The fountain dates back to 1863, and consists of a water spout body in ashlar. The pilaster on the large fountain is particularly noteworthy .

The wash-house is on the ground floor of the rough, squat building.

•Atiaga mill

Social and Cultural facilities

Sports Facilities Services
NONE Picnic area