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Fresneda is a short way from the Señorío road in a disguised dip. Its cultivated land is on the east side, bordered by attractive thickets of kermes oak that dot the gentle slopes of the Sierra de Arcamo. The village is at a mean height above sea level of 601 metres.

Calendar of Fiestas

Architectural heritage

•Parish church

The parish church stands to the north of the village in a dominant spot at the top of a small promontory, being the only building slightly separate from the rest of the village .

Dedicated to the Asunción de Nuestra Señora, the church is rectangular in shape, with a belfry having three spaces at the foot of the building. The doorway is to the south and has a double entrance through Roman arches.

•Trio of basic services

- Fountain
- Wash-house
- Drinking-trough

The fountain and drinking-trough are to be found in a neglected corner of the village. Both rest against two walls at right angles, the trough being almost flush with ground level and the body of the fountain jutting out slightly from its supporting wall. The fountain dates back to 1858.

Social and Cultural facilities

Sports Facilities Services
Skittle-alley Picnic area