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Corro lies on concealed, uneven land with the hills coming down behind it forming something of a suntrap, while the Picos or peaks of Gobea form a more distant view. The mean height of the village is 680 metres above sea level.

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Architectural heritage

•San Miguel Parish Church

San Miguel parish church is a rectangular building whose porch, built in 1886, backs onto the south side of the church and is open via three Roman arches with the central one forming the doorway. The rough tower, which barely stands out above the nave, holds a traditional belfry topped by a small lantern .

•Man-made caves

To the south of Corro, close to the road and in the direction of Pinedo, there are a number of treeless crags and rocky outcrops known as Solapeña among the dense woodland. A number of caves for use as dwellings and as burial places were opened out artificially by man in times long past.


On the other side of the river Omecillo, sitting on a small hillock, stands San Vitores hermitage. According to tradition, this had previously been situated in a more abrupt and higher spot on the steep hillside of the Sierra Peña Gobea. The present building is rectangular and follows the usual lines of this kind of rustic hermitage .


The church, sitting atop the village, is reached via a steep flight of steps at the end of which, on one edge, is the combined fountain and drinking-trough whose inscription shows that it was constructed in 1887 .



•Tile works

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