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Cárcamo is a rural hamlet with no predetermined urban layout, its houses dotting each side of the old road leading towards Berberana and each side of the small stream that collects the waters on the west from the Guinea heights and carries them along to the Omecillo.

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Architectural heritage

•Parish church

The church is dedicated to the Asunción de Nuestra Señora. It is rectangular in form, with pointed vault. Inside its straight apse is a walled-up window which, along with its pointed arch doorway, brings its Romanesque structure to mind. On the south flank of the church are the porch, vestry and the section housing the belfry, topped by another holding the church clock.


•Romanesque Hermitage

The recently restored San Juan hermitage is one of the most authentic provincial examples of the early Romanesque style, although markedly restrained. It is the only Romanesque church in the entire area to show the date it was built, with the words "Año de 1150" engraved on a pillar.

The church reveals a semi-circular apse of ashlar construction and within it an austere window beside which on its bottom left is a block of stone holding a cross of Santiago, or St. James

The apse is roofed over by stone slabs. The corbels display various motifs, many of them mutilated, while the doorway is somewhat austere in terms of decoration.


The way of life of those living in this area changed over the course of the neolithic age, with the start of a simple agricultural culture that included the domestication of some types of animal.

This change displaced a culture based on hunting and gathering and put in its place one centred around agriculture and raising stock, accompanied by a growth in population and more stable human settlements. The gloomy caves of Las Calveras in Cárcamo date back to this period.

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