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Bóveda is located towards the western limits of Valdegovía and Alava, not far short of the Losa valley in Burgos territory. It backs onto one of the irregular steep slopes sent out by the mountains standing behind it and is at a mean height above sea level of 691 metres.

A large part of the village lies on the hillside that comes down from the Sierra, with some houses standing on the other side of the road. Its site is typical of the wayside villages in the region, influenced as they were by the channels of communication reaching them

Although the village housing is quite tightly concentrated, it is also true that a large number of the houses are detached from one another .

Calendar of Fiestas

Architectural heritage

•Parish church

San Vicente parish church has a Latin cross and Baroque structure. Its covered porch may be entered via three Roman arches. The main altarpiece is Neoclassical and has a fine tabernacle with interesting relief work which is older than the altarpiece .

The tower is a slender square structure, pyramidal at the top.


The building housing the mill is of substantial proportions and stands by the river .

•Trio of basic services

- Fountain
- Wash-house
- Drinking-trough

The fountain backs onto the east-facing wall of a rectangular structure containing the washing trough, and supplies both this trough and the drinking water spouts .

•Coat of Arms

The coat of arms is on the façade of one of the most distinguished houses in the village. One of its quarters corresponds to the Salazar family lineage .

•House of Fossils

The so-called "Fossil Hut" is a fairly recently restored hut with numerous fossils set into its various surfaces .


The Ribota menhir bears witness to the peoples who lived here in prehistoric times.

•The Farm and inaccessible Caves

Social and Cultural facilities

Sports Facilities Services
Pelota court
Open air pool
Five-a-side football pitch
Tennis court
Social Centre
Bed & Breakfast
Picnic Area