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Basabe is located in a concealed hollow, surrounded by numerous mounds and humps that cut off all views of any distance. It opens out on the south side through a narrow passageway bordered by fertile cultivated land .

The present village of Basabe grew up out of the ancient monastery of San Martín de Comunión, as the uneven ground on which the latter was built meant that the newer population began to build their simple houses on the more suitable land now occupied by the current settlement at Basabe.

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Architectural heritage

•Santa María Parish Church

El Salvador is the patron of the parish church, which preserves several remains of its original Romanesque conception, including small corbels, roof tiles, doorway and vaulting.

From its feet rises the crude, solid tower, terminating in the belfry.

Over the doorway is the district coat of arms, the two leashed foxes and five fleur-de-lis representing the union between the Zorilla and Arce families


The ruins of the tower of the Arces of Basabe stand where they can still dominate the village houses, the river, the bridge that crosses it on the east side and the road leading to Mioma .


The interior of the wash-house is reached through twin Roman arches. The structure also has a large window which allows a plentiful amount of light to enter, particularly at midday .

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