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Barrio stands in an attractive setting towards the end of a narrow valley. A hill village that makes its living mainly from cattle, it is well preserved and from it one can climb up to the Mellera hermitage or the summit of Bachicabo, both of them with their own special interest .

The spot is surrounded by craggy cliffs, on one of which (Peñas de Berbeia) stand the ancient castle and medieval village of Berbeia, a magnificent vantage point with far-reaching views of the Valdegovía lowlands below. At this same place there appears to be an ancient late Bronze Age settlement .

There may also have been a prehistoric settlement at the high spot known as Los Castros .

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Architectural heritage

•Santa María Parish Church

Santa María church is a substantial edifice with a single nave. Access to the porch is through three gaps in the form of Roman arches, two at the front and one at the side.

Over the porch rises the belfry, topped by a further structure housing the clocks.


Santa María de Mellera hermitage lies at the foot of a small hill that rises up between two Peñas, or crags, one known as Carabo and the other bearing the same name as the hermitage.

The hermitage consists of three outbuildings, between which is a small chapel housing an altarpiece portraying the Virgin Mary dating back to the XVII century. The Virgin is characterised by a wig of natural hair and detachable arms, standing out from the rest of the piece and very probably from the XIII century .

Pilgrimages have been made to the hermitage from time immemorial, with the villages of Barrio, Espejo and Villamaderme making their processions on different days .


The old mill is housed in a rather modest building.

• Fountain-Drinking-trough

The "El Judío" (“Jew”) fountain is set in a stone wall and comprises an upper body from which two water spouts emerge. The drinking trough occupies the remaining length of the wall.

• Wash-houses

There are two wash-houses in different parts of the village, both below street level with access by steps .

• Excavations

On various occasions excavations have been made in the area around Barrio. On the Peña or crag of Berbeia (or Berbea), for example, there was an Iron Age settlement that was Romanized and existed to medieval times. There was also a castle in the same place with the name of Berbea.
Pottery, a fragment of millstone and bronze items have been found during these excavations.

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