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Sheltered by and nestling against the impressive rocky mass that carries the same name as the village itself and indeed watches over it, San Martín de Losa enjoys extensive views thanks to its altitude of up to 653 metres.

The exact age of the settlement is not known, though there are documents in existence dating back to 1028 that refer to the church or monastery of San Martín .

The village is situated close to the border with the neighbouring province of Burgos just across the Sierra de Arcena. It was of no little importance in Alava’s early medieval history.

Calendar of Fiestas

Architectural heritage

•Parish church

The parish church has San Martín as its patron saint. It is a rectangular structure, its single nave having imposing walls that seem to reach even higher thanks to the prominent position occupied by the church .

The rectangular tower adjoins the foot of the wall.

The Renaissance style doorway fits within a stretch finished in ashlar.

The north elevation shows remains of the former Romanesque style church. To the rear of the church is a wide bay window together with a simple, picturesque transept.


The area to the south of the village and close by it still keeps the name of Vallanes in recognition of the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Vallanes which once stood there.


The bridge stands at one of the numerous bends in the river Omecillo

It is of single span with recessed arch and uses ashlar construction. At the edge that takes the force of the current is a superb vanguard stretch, also of ashlar build.

• Fountain

The fountain is set in the middle of a long stone wall, sheltered between two small projecting walls at right angles, and consists of a trough with intermediate body. There are two water spouts, and the fountain is bordered by a strip that matches the height of the auxiliary walls on which there is a moulded cornice, architrave and a medallion fringed by a laurel wreath.

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