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Astulez is sited in a picturesque little spot which is surrounded, except to the east where it opens out into the water course heading towards the River Tumecillo, by impressive heights rising in cases to over 1000 metres, and studded by rocky masses in the form of sharp, needle-like spines that make for an awesome view .

The average height of the hamlet is 660 metres above sea level.

The spectacular landscape that nature has provided here did not go unnoticed during the early Middle Ages, where it was put to use for the purposes of defence and as a supreme vantage point at the time of the Arab raids

Calendar of Fiestas

Architectural heritage

Castle (X century)

castle was built during the early Middle Ages on one of the spiky outcrops as a place of refuge, defence and look-out for this part of the Valdegovía valley, and also to protect the route to the sea (which followed the course of the Tumecillo and Omecillo rivers) against the devastating incursions made by Moorish raiders. In fact an iron-age settlement had also previously existed here

The castle is perched on a jutting rock on which the remains of its bold turret still stand. The crag on which this turret was built is almost inaccessible, making it even more difficult to maintain a high wall around it.

This wall is in very poor condition owing to the lack of material to bind the stones together. The tower is rectangular in form and of different elevations.

•Parish church

The patron saint of this Parish church, built in a very old Romanesque style, is San Millán.

The church is rectangular in shape with several wings added to house side chapels

Its primitive Romanesque concept emphasises the circular apse, at which a fine window from the very early Romanesque period contains interesting floral and human motifs on the capitals of its slender pillars. At the base elevation with another curious window, the veiled doorway forming the entrance to the church, with the traditional corbels, completes the Romanesque remains of the church. The square tower is topped off by the belfry.

•House with Coat of Arms

• Trio of basic services

- Fountain
- Wash-house
- Drinking-trough

These are located at the lowest part of the village. The fountain adjoins the wall and consists of a trough filled by three water spouts. The drinking-trough and wash-house are in line, the latter being enclosed by a rectangular structure.

Social and Cultural facilities

Sports Facilities Services
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